5 Great Ways to Stop Oxidative Stress and Start Living a Quality Life

You read blog posts and supermarket ads every day about eating healthier to give you a happy
life. But do you truly know what that is to be the case? Is there actually any benefit in eating
healthier, if say you are already happy and healthy? Today we dive into the problems that can
happen from not keeping your metabolism healthy and look at 5 great ways to solve this. First,
though an important aspect to understand is what is Oxidative stress?
Oxidative Stress
Basically, oxidative stress happens when your body develops an imbalance between two main
components: reactive oxygen species and antioxidants. You see antioxidants are very important
for staying healthy, they neutralize radical cells that can cause further damage to your body. So
ensuring you have things like Vitamin C or E in your diet is a must. Because if your metabolism
and body are healthy, then the balance is kept at a better level. The antioxidants keep the
negative cells under control and ensure that they do not develop into anything more sinister. If
you suffer from oxidative stress then the radical cells can take over.
This is bad because once reactive oxygen species take over your body they will proceed to reap
destruction. They can cause problems to the proteins, fast and even genetic information. This
creates an environment where serious health problems can occur such as cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, dementia or lung disease.
So how can you stop this from happening? Here are 5 great ways to stop oxidative stress and
live a quality life.
1. Exercise
You need to be moving your body because it is the key to keeping your body weight at a healthy
level. Try swimming if you find the gym to be boring. Sometimes just a small action like parking
a little bit farther from the store or going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator can make the
2. Avoid toxins
Many household products are not good for you, check the ingredients in your household
cleaning products and even your moisturizing creams and stop using those chemical products.
Using products that are natural and do not have harmful toxins or additives can go the long way
for your future health. Try going organic and giving up all those processed foods.

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