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How Hydrogen Rich Water Can Improve Quality of Life for Liver Tumors Patients on Radiotherapy

For cancer patients, it’s well known that the side effects of treatment can be debilitating. Some find them almost as bad as the tumors themselves. People receiving radiotherapy often complain of immense fatigue, which hugely adversely affects their quality of life. This might seem like a sadly inevitable side effect of vital treatment. But researchers […]

Always constipated? drink more water dummy.

When it comes to the topic of Constipation, we all know the feeling and it sucks. Everyone has suffered from constipation at least once in our lifetime. Constipation is not a disease, but a series of symptoms that can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, side effects of a medication, stress, unknown and […]

Benefits fo Drinking Hydrogen Water

Help Sore Muscles Repair Faster with Hydrogen Rich Water If you consider yourself to be an athlete, you definitely do think a fair amount about the hydration of your body and if you are on the newest fitness and nutrition routines, there is always a good chance that you have heard about hydrogen water —a […]