The Scientific Explanation of Ionized Water and why its 6 times more hydrating

Starting at the start, a water molecule, expressed in the chemical symbol H20, consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Standing alone, the hydrogen atom contains one positive proton at its core, with one negative electron revolving around it in a three dimensional shell. Oxygen, on the other hand, contains eight protons in its nucleus with eight electrons revolving around it.

The single hydrogen electron and the eight electrons of oxygen are the key to the chemistry of life, because this is where hydrogen and oxygen atoms combine to form a water molecule, or split to form ions.

Hydrogen tends to ionize by losing its single electron and form single H+ ions, which are simply isolated protons since the hydrogen atom contains no neutrons. A hydrogen bond occurs when the electron of a single hydrogen atom is shared with another electronegative atom such as oxygen that lacks an electron.

So, What is Microclustered Water?

Water molecules come in clusters rather than single molecules. Tap water has very large clusters (10 to 13 molecules per cluster), whereas ionized water uses electrolysis to reduce large tap water clusters from their original size into microclusters (5 to 6 molecules per cluster). The smaller cluster size gives the water excellent hydrating properties, high solubility and good permeability and is potentially up to six times more hydrating than normal tap water.

How Does The Electrolysis Occur?

The water enters the ionizer and passes into a chamber equipped with a platinum-coated titanium electrode. This is where the electrolysis takes place.

Cations, positive ions, gather at the negative electrodes creating cathodic or reduced water. Anions, negatively charged ions, gather at the positive electrode to make anodic or oxidized water.

By this electrolysis process the reduced water not only gains an excess amount of electrons (e-), but the H2O clusters are reduced in size from about 10 to 13 molecules per cluster to 5 to 6 molecules per cluster.

So when you ionize water, you change it’s molecular structure. The hexagonal molecular structure resulting from electrolysis is what makes water more hydrating than tap or bottled water.

These smaller “hexagons” of water molecules are half as large as the water molecule chains that come out of your regular tap (approximately 12 molecule clusters). Microclustering will help minerals and other alkalizing supplements absorb quickly and more efficiently.

How Hydrogen Prevents Metabolic Syndromes (Diabetes & Obesity)

The numerous studies that have confirmed how hydrogen enriched water provides you with key
health benefits are now widely read and known. You can find new gadgets and machines on
Amazon every day selling new technology that will enrich your water with hydrogen but only a
few use SPE/PEM membrane which is the most efficient technology for creating pure hydrogen.
This alone makes a big difference in the water you get. You see hydrogen enriched water is a
medical breakthrough. It is a therapy accessible to everyone, all you need to do is start
consuming hydrogen enriched water today. Also, there are no known negative side effects, no
matter how much of the water you drink – all you will see are the benefits.
Now doctors are looking into the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that hydrogen
enriched water holds even closer and discovering how they can be used as preventative
measures. You see the key component of what makes hydrogen enriched water so healthy for
you is its ability to balance out the negatives and positives and give you your body a healthy
environment to stabilize and flourish in. This is without a doubt one of the main aspects of living
a healthy life and keeping your body in great shape. or example, we have seen much research
into the preventative measures that hydrogen enriched water provides for cancer and various
neurological diseases. However, what is not as widely known is how hydrogen also helps the
body combat metabolic syndromes such as diabetes and obesity.
What is a metabolic syndrome then?
This is a syndrome that is defined by a link of symptoms that raise the risk of cardiovascular
disease and type 2 diabetes. So this would refer to things like obesity, insulin resistance, high
cholesterol, and hypertension. What happens when patients consume hydrogen-rich water is
that their antioxidants enzymes increase so heavily that their body neutralizes the problems
caused by oxidative stress, allowing their body to be overall healthier.
Research provided by some of the world most renowned scientist has provided consistent proof
that hydrogen water significantly lowers the fatty liver in mice with type 2 diabetes. This is also
the case when tested on mice with a very high-fat diet. Also, the study showed that levels of
negative proteins like glucose, insulin, and triglycerides were decreased because the hydrogen
enriched water allowed the metabolism to be more effective.

In a study with actual patients, researchers found that by drinking up to 2 liters of hydrogen-
enriched water over a period of 8 weeks drastically lowered the body’s total cholesterol. It did
this by increasing the HDL cholesterol which is seen as a good cholesterol, therefore
decreasing the bad cholesterol in the body.
Because hydrogen enriched water stimulates the metabolism to have more energy and work
more effectively. It can greatly help patients who are trying to lose weight. Therefore it is an
amazing tool for physicians to use as a preventative measure for obesity. Furthermore, reports
have shown that it can also help prevent atherosclerosis which is the condition that causes your
arteries to harden.
All in all, hydrogen rich water, is an amazing overall body healer which can greatly help your
body prevent developing metabolic syndromes. Just make sure you get the one with SPE/PEM
technology and drink at least 2 liters of day and you will find yourself healthier and more
energized everyday!

Molecular hydrogen improves obesity and diabetes by inducing hepatic FGF21 and
stimulating energy metabolism in db/db mice.
Molecular Hydrogen: New Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Therapy for Rheumatoid
Arthritis and Related Diseases
Consumption of hydrogen water prevents atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E knockout
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How Hydrogen Rich Water Can Improve Quality of Life for Liver Tumors Patients on Radiotherapy

For cancer patients, it’s well known that the side effects of treatment can be debilitating. Some
find them almost as bad as the tumors themselves. People receiving radiotherapy often
complain of immense fatigue, which hugely adversely affects their quality of life.
This might seem like a sadly inevitable side effect of vital treatment. But researchers have
recently looked at one simple way of alleviating these symptoms, which so badly affect people
at such a difficult time.
They explored whether hydrogen treatment could relieve the fatigue and increase the quality of
life for patients suffering from malignant liver tumors and their findings are promising.
It is believed that the side effects of radiotherapy may be linked to increased oxidative stress.
As you breathe oxygen, your body produces molecules called free radicals, which can be
damaging to cells. However, as part of this oxidation process, your body also produces anti-
oxidants, which neutralise the free radicals.
The problem occurs when there’s an imbalance between the free radicals and the anti-oxidants.
That’s when oxidative stress happens.
Oxidative stress has been linked to around 200 human diseases. These include cancer, kidney
disease, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes. Those links are not yet proven.
Radiotherapy is believed to increase oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to the increased
fatigue and reduced quality of life experienced by patients.
Hydrogen is known to have antioxidant properties which canneutralise free radicals and reduce
oxidative stress and tissue inflammation.
Hydrogen can be administered for therapeutic purposes in the form of medical gas, but in this
study researchers used hydrogen-supplement water. The water was produced by placing a
metal magnesium stick into normal drinking water.
A team of researchers from Korea, Japan and the USA conducted a randomized, placebo-
controlled study on 49 patients. All patients had malignant liver tumors, for which they were
receiving radiotherapy. Their quality of life (QOL) was measured using a standard assessment
tool. The trial lasted six weeks. Those who drank the hydrogen-rich water were found to have
reduced reactive oxygen metabolites in their blood. Their blood oxidation potential was

maintained. Their QOL scores were significantly better than those patients on the placebo
water. The consumption of the water did not affect how the tumors responded to radiotherapy.
Researchers found that by drinking the hydrogen-supplemented water, patients were able to
reduce their reaction to oxidative stress caused by radiation – without adversely affecting the
treatment of their tumors. The trial therefore offers a potential new way forward for the treatment
of those undergoing radiotherapy, hopefully enabling cancer patients to enjoy a better quality of
Researchers say it is easy to administer, and does not complicate a patient’s life. They hope it
could be applicable for the treatment of other radiotherapy related symptoms. And that’s much
needed good news for those people affected not only by cancer, but by the debilitating side
effects of cancer treatments.

Always constipated? drink more water dummy.

When it comes to the topic of Constipation, we all know the feeling and it sucks. Everyone has suffered
from constipation at least once in our lifetime. Constipation is not a disease, but a series of symptoms
that can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, side effects of a medication, stress, unknown and
significant changes in your life. People can suffer from constipation from childhood and throughout their
The most important thing is to know whether you are really suffering from constipation or if it is some
other more serious health condition. Each body works according to its own schedule and If you are
aware of your body's schedule, you can determine if you are suffering from the symptoms of
constipation. But before we start let’s define what is constipation.
What is constipation?
Constipation occurs when the colon absorb too much water or the muscle contractions which cause
bowel movements are slow and sluggish. At these times, it makes going to bathroom painfully and less
frequent. During constipation, the stool becomes hard and dry, making it difficult to pass. Everyone’s
body has its own excretion schedule based on dietary and lifestyle habits, but if you go for three days or
more without a bowel movement, you are most likely constipated.
In most cases of constipation, people use laxatives to overcome constipation, but there are several
symptoms that can accompany constipation that will warrant you to take precautionary measures.

Causes of constipation
There are many causes of constipation, many have to do with diet. A complete diet of processed foods
and low fiber is a recipe for constipation problems. The following are the most common causes of
● Lack of fluid – dehydration can cause constipation
● Lack of exercise – more common among the elderly and the disabled
● Lack of fiber in the diet – Eat more fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods.
● Medication – Constipation is often a side effect of medication
● Dairy products – Milk and cheese often cause constipation in people
● Illnesses – Some diseases and illnesses can cause constipation, especially illness such as strokes
that can cause dysfunction in certain parts of your body.
● Ignore the urge – Constipation is often caused by the fact that the urge to defecate by the body
is often ignored.
● Irregular eating habits – Constipation can be avoided by eating regular meals at about the same
time each day
● Fatigue – Lack of rest can often cause constipation
● Stress – nervousness, tension and worry often cause constipation

Symptoms that accompany constipation
Before constipation becomes very serious, the body gives enough symptoms (i.e, there are many
accompanying symptoms). With rapid treatment, the chronic stage of constipation can be avoided.
● Reduces appetite
This is the most common symptom of constipation and the first symptom that the body gives. When the
body is not clear of the waste and toxins, one does not feel hungry and there is a significant reduction in
● Vomiting tendency and abdominal pain
If the bowel movement has not occurred for a considerable time, the body's waste causes harm to the
intestine. Because of this, you feel like throwing up and you can throw up, but vomiting does not mean
that the toxins are eliminated from the body. Along with vomiting tendency, severe to mild abdominal
pain may also be accompanied. The abdomen can also swell due to accumulated waste and toxins.
● Lethargic feeling
One of the symptoms of constipation always feels lethargic and has no drive to do a job. Since the body
is not clear of toxins one does feel lethargic or inactive, which can also be accompanied with pain in the
hand and legs having a drowsy feelings.
● Hard and painful bowel movement
During constipation, bowel movement is very hard and dry. We feel the pain passing the bowel and the
time taken for the process is very long. In severe cases, blood may appear in the stool.
Fruits that relieves constipation
Natural relief can be achieved by eating fruits and nuts that promote healthy, regular bowel
movements. In addition, foods for constipation relief also have a number of superlatives health benefits.
● Red apples
Consuming a single apple every day can help relieve constipation problems. Apples contain natural
phytochemicals that are also considered a natural remedy and a preventive measure against certain
types of cancer, including colon cancer. The whole apple should be eaten, the skin and everything,
because the rich red skin contains the most phytochemicals. Of course, apples also contain insoluble
fiber, which allows you to have a well-regulated digestive tract.
● Blueberries
Blueberries are another fruit rich in phytochemical content, making them an excellent defense against
cancer. A single cup of fresh blueberries will provide 3.6 grams of fiber to help prevent constipation and
their low salt content will keep you less fluid. After all, blueberries also have immunostimulatory
properties, which makes them good for overall health.
● Prunes
Prunes are actually dried plums that can be eaten whole or in juice. If you consume 100 grams of
prunes, you get 7 grams of fiber. Even prunes like blueberries have a very low sodium content: only 2

grams of sodium are supplied in a 100-gram serving of prunes. In addition, prunes are very rich in
vitamin K, which facilitates the digestive process and reduces the risk of waste accumulation.
● Almonds
Unsalted almonds contain 11 grams of fiber per 100 gram serving. These nuts also have a low sodium
content and once consumed, help the body in moving bowel through the digestive tract. Almonds also
contain manganese, which helps your body to naturally process amino acids and produce the enzymes
needed for good digestion. Manganese in almonds also promotes fat breakdown.

Treatments for constipation
Most treatments involve diet and lifestyle change. Add 2-4 extra glasses of water a day as well as
drinking warm liquid in the morning to help with the removal. To really get good hydration you can
definitely also try drinking hydrogen rich water. There are many health benefits including better bowel
movements from drinking hydrogen rich water
Eating fruits and vegetables combined with a high-fiber diet lower your chances of constipation. Doctors
may recommend a softener or a laxative in some cases, but they should only be taken as recommended
as they can weaken intestinal muscles and have side effects.
If constipation lasts more than two weeks with no reprieve, blood in the stool, or severe pain during a
bowel movement a doctor should be consulted immediately. Constipation is really a condition that we
can all prevent with healthy lifestyle habits. By eating fibrous foods, drinking enough water, regular
exercise you can really reduce your chances of constipation.

Benefits fo Drinking Hydrogen Water

Help Sore Muscles Repair Faster with Hydrogen Rich Water
If you consider yourself to be an athlete, you definitely do think a fair amount about the hydration of
your body and if you are on the newest fitness and nutrition routines, there is always a good chance that
you have heard about hydrogen water —a wonderful product that has the health benefits for one and

More than just filtered water it’s hydrogen rich

By now, most of you surely know that your city tap water contains unhealthy particles like heavy metals
(mainly from soil and the rusty water pipes), hormonal wastes (from the drug addicts and the cattle
wastes that farmers flush down their drains); fluorides (which some municipalities often add
deliberately) and several drug residues (which people flush down the drains). Although the focus for
many of you has been on the purification of water, huge benefits may be gained by transforming the
filtered water into antioxidant water that is now referred to as the hydrogen-rich water.
Lead which is a known heavy metal found in the local tap water has proven to adversely affects your
neurological development and also gives rise to a good many number of nervous system and brain
disorders. People usually leave no stone unturned in complaining if accidentally the water ends up in
their children’s toys, however astonishingly, they are relaxed if it shows up in their drinking water.
But now we have found that drinking water that is hydrogen-rich can protect you against the
neurological damage of the brain both the ones that occur during a surgery or a stroke, and the ones
which occur over time due to the oxidative stress. If you or your children play contact sport or you are
horrified at the idea of dementia, you can give hydrogen rich water a go.

Reduce soreness from your exercise regime

Ample hydration with the hydrogen-rich water before exercise has been proven to reduce blood lactate
levels of athletes, improved exercises also induce decline of the muscle function. It is clearly suggested
that the hydrogen water might be really effective for the athletes and can regulate their lactic acid and
also reduce and prevent fatigue as well as increase their recovery rates.
So if you are concerned about the heavy metals lurking in your tap water or even if you simply want to
enhance the optimal physiological functioning of yourself and your family go for the hydrogen-rich
water which will help you and your family remain fit and healthy all the time.

Overview of Hydrogen Water:

● Prevents brain damage
● Improves mental disorders
● Reduces muscle fatigue from lactic acids
● Suppresses inflamation
● Aids weight loss
● Boosts skin health


● Drinking hydrogen rich water can help protect against neurological disorders & reduce
lactic acid build up
● Start drinking antioxidant filled water instead of regular tap water
● Stay healthy with hydrogen rich water.

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6 Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water You Need to Know

Hydrogen is renowned as the creator of all elements and exists in large quantities all around the
planet. Yet only in the recent past has the medical world started to really investigate and open
up the benefits that hydrogen-rich water provides. So read on and find out what you need to
know about the greatness that is hydrogen-rich water.

When it comes to using molecular hydrogen for therapeutic purposes the simplest way to intake
hydrogen gas via drinking water that is supplemented with hydrogen. Alternatively, you could
use injections or eye drops, but why make things complicated when you can just take a sip of
water? Because Hydrogen is the smallest of molecules it reaches levels of bioavailability that
other molecules cannot possess, this lets it travel all over your body and reach the source of the

1. Antioxidant And Anti-Inflammatory
What we do know for certain is that consuming hydrogen-rich water constantly can reduce the
toxicity of your oxygen levels in the bloodstream. What this does is reduce the stress caused by
oxidation and helps lower inflammation. Overall it helps cells not become damaged which gives
you a higher quality of life.

2. Fights metabolic syndrome
Studies have shown that consuming hydrogen-rich water helps fight metabolic syndromes.
What this means is it helps you combat obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure,
these are all problems which can give you cardiovascular illnesses. Due to hydrogens ability to
reverse the consequences of oxidative stress, it allows it to reduce the negative problems of
metabolic symptoms.

3. Can help treat diabetes
Even more, research has provided us with confirmation that hydrogen-rich water has another
benefit of regulating the effect of glucose. Due to its powerful antioxidant properties, it can help
insulin circulate and also build up insulin resistance. The outcome is a body that has a better
glucose metabolism and can prevent type 2 diabetes from progressing.

4. Prevents the development of neurodegenerative diseases.

Hydrogen-rich water also can help slow down the development of neurodegenerative conditions
like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer disease. Studies have shown that by fighting oxidative

5 Great Ways to Stop Oxidative Stress and Start Living a Quality Life

You read blog posts and supermarket ads every day about eating healthier to give you a happy
life. But do you truly know what that is to be the case? Is there actually any benefit in eating
healthier, if say you are already happy and healthy? Today we dive into the problems that can
happen from not keeping your metabolism healthy and look at 5 great ways to solve this. First,
though an important aspect to understand is what is Oxidative stress?
Oxidative Stress
Basically, oxidative stress happens when your body develops an imbalance between two main
components: reactive oxygen species and antioxidants. You see antioxidants are very important
for staying healthy, they neutralize radical cells that can cause further damage to your body. So
ensuring you have things like Vitamin C or E in your diet is a must. Because if your metabolism
and body are healthy, then the balance is kept at a better level. The antioxidants keep the
negative cells under control and ensure that they do not develop into anything more sinister. If
you suffer from oxidative stress then the radical cells can take over.
This is bad because once reactive oxygen species take over your body they will proceed to reap
destruction. They can cause problems to the proteins, fast and even genetic information. This
creates an environment where serious health problems can occur such as cancer, heart
disease, diabetes, dementia or lung disease.
So how can you stop this from happening? Here are 5 great ways to stop oxidative stress and
live a quality life.
1. Exercise
You need to be moving your body because it is the key to keeping your body weight at a healthy
level. Try swimming if you find the gym to be boring. Sometimes just a small action like parking
a little bit farther from the store or going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator can make the
2. Avoid toxins
Many household products are not good for you, check the ingredients in your household
cleaning products and even your moisturizing creams and stop using those chemical products.
Using products that are natural and do not have harmful toxins or additives can go the long way
for your future health. Try going organic and giving up all those processed foods.